Ryanair passenger who peed in cup threatened with fines, jail by airline crew

A man got himself in a fiery exchange with Ryanair cabin crew after they allegedly tried to fine him for urinating in a bottle when all of the toilets broke mid-flight.

Staff confronted the man after he was caught short on the three-hour flight from Leeds Bradford Airport in Leeds to Faro in Portugal when the bathrooms went out of use.

Witnesses claim the cabin crew were angry after some of the urine splashed on one of their jackets.

The incident was filmed by a friend and shows one of the members of staff pointing his finger and asking the man, “If I go and pee on your luggage, would you like it?”

Sue Francis, who was sitting opposite the man, said the flight had been running late and people were put on the plane immediately after the previous passengers disembarked.


She said they were told the front toilet was out of use and as soon as the seatbelt sign went off dozens of people began queuing for the two rear toilets — before they all eventually stopped working.

Mrs. Francis, from Northeast England, said the young man couldn’t hold it in any longer and went to the front of the plane where the cabin crew sit for privacy.

She said he was relieving himself into the bottle when he was caught by a furious air hostess who ordered him to pay 90 euros ($135), claiming he had committed an “aviation offense."

It sparked a huge row with more staff getting involved — and things got even more heated when one flight attendant realized the incident was being filmed.

The footage starts when a member of staff announces that people were going to be escorted one at a time to the only working toilet — after one was unblocked — and explained the others were out of bounds because “too many people have been flushing paper."

A second member of staff then approaches the man, who did not want to be named, with some paperwork and says he needs to get his details.

But the passenger argued, “I did a little wee in a thing and then I stopped.”

“There was my jacket there," the staff member replies.


The two then continue arguing before the man says, “I’ll give you my details but I don’t want him saying I’ve wee-ed everywhere. I just did a little wee and she told me to stop so I stopped.”

Another member of staff then steps in. “You went for a ‘small wee’ — do you think you were correct?”

“All of the toilets are out of bounds!” the man replies.

A friend, who was with the man, shouts, "He’s paid 150 pounds ($261) to be on this f---ing flight.”

“I don’t care how much he paid," says the staff member, getting more agitated. "There is all our stuff in there. If I go and pee on your luggage, would you like? Would you like?”

He then storms off, leaving the other flight attendant trying to take down the passenger’s details.

But a minute later, he spots the man’s pal, Mark Byrne, filming the incident with his phone and attempts to grab it out of his hand, saying, “You cannot film this."

Byrne, who was part of the stag group the man was with, said it was an “absolute joke of a flight topped off with disgusting manners."

He said staff were “agitated, aggressive and clearly p---ed off in their job,” and described their behavior as “appalling."


Francis, who was travelling to Portugal for a surprise birthday treat from her husband, said she was forced to intervene after fearing someone was going to get hurt.

The 57-year-old said, “I was scared because I didn’t know how it was going to end — I’d never seen anything like it.

“The young lad was absolutely desperate for the toilet and he did the right thing by trying to do it out of people’s view. He got a bit on the floor and on the crew member’s jacket, and the member of staff told him he had committed an aviation offense."

“It was just wrong," she added. “The crew member who caused the altercation in the first place stormed off to the back of the plane almost crying — I think because he realized it had all been filmed.”

She said the man was told to clean up the urine, and when he came back the captain had told him police were going to arrest him when we landed in Portugal.

Francis said, “I walked up to the steward and said, ‘You’ve taken this way out of order,' and she turned round and said, ‘He should’ve defecated in his seat.'

“She had been expecting him to be able to hold it in — but you can’t measure anyone else’s needs. So she just wanted him to do it in his pants.

“I just couldn’t believe it.”


Francis added that, when the plane grounded, she waited with the man while the rest of the flight emptied and four police officers got on board.

“I explained that had the plane been serviced in the first place they would have known the toilets were faulty and none of this would have happened.”

Byrne said his friend was spoken to by the officers but matters weren’t taken any further.

“In the end I think even the officers knew it was a minor incident blown out of proportion and they let him off without caution," said Bryne.

As a Ryanair spokesman said, “The crew of this flight from Leeds Bradford to Faro requested police assistance upon landing after a passenger became disruptive in-flight.

“The aircraft landed normally and the passenger was removed and detained by police upon arrival.

“We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.

“This is now a matter for local police.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun.