Make your smartphone a secret weight-loss weapon

Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you just need a little help. Get fit, get healthy, and stay on track to have a positive new year with these apps.


Diets don’t always last, so use Eatery to improve your everyday eating habits. Baby steps, not counting calories, are the key to this routine.

So use the Eatery app to snap a picture and record your meal, then share it with others and track your health goals. Did you eat more today compared to yesterday? Why? This app will help you assess your weekly habits -- and make changes if necessary.

Download Eatery: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score:18 out of 100

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Here’s how it works: 


For your next step, hit the Stairmaster! CardioTrainer logs all of your fitness activities throughout the day using GPS, a pedometer, and a calorie counter to remind you of your weight-loss plan. This free app tracks and stores your indoor and outdoor activities, from walking and running to biking and more. The distance you cover is shown on a map, and you will be alerted to the number of calories you have burned.

While running the app, you can play your own music for inspiration, and chat with friends for motivation and competition. Target your goals, and set workout schedule reminders as well, all from one spot.

Download CardioTrainer: Android Market.
Mobilewalla score: 89 out of 100.

Here’s how it works:

Capzule PHR

And to get an overall rating on your health, store all of your medical data in one place. The Capzule PHR app is a visual timeline of your health showing your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, medications, immunizations, doctor’s appointments and much more.

This $4.99 app is a convenient tool to have on hand while at the doctor or pharmacy. Use the health monitoring templates to record variations in conditions, progress of health goals, and other observations or issues you experience.

Download Capuzule PHR: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score: 76 out of 100.