Turn Your Unwanted Holiday Gifts Into Treasure

So the holidays have gone by and the lights have been taken down, but a pile of unwanted gifts remains. Your smartphone can help you turn what you may deem trash into treasure, and show appreciation to the gift-givers ... because it's the thought that counts, right?


First we thank our gift givers, then we make the returns. Send personalized thank you notes to gift givers with the Cards app, which lets you easily craft greetings and mail them to one of your contacts.

Yes, your high tech-gadget will send old fashion snail mail for $2.99 a card to anyone in the U.S., and $4.99 internationally. Choose from over 21 designs, then customize with a personal message and image. Each creation is saved, making it easy for you to send an invitation or birth announcement to more than one person. This is also perfect for sending well wishes while on the go.

Download Cards: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score: 86 out of 100.

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Don’t let returns pile up because you can’t find the receipts. Keep all of your purchase information in one spot using the Lemon app. Simply scan the receipt, save it, and keep notes on what you've spent your money on or need to return. With this app, you won’t lose any money when trying to return something without crucial info. This is also useful for gift receipts.

Download Lemon: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score: 88 out of 100.


If you didn’t get a receipt for that ugly sweater your Aunt Sue gave you, don’t worry: There’s a way to exchange it. Put your castaways up for sale through PoshMark. The fashion app sets up virtual buying and selling parties. Check out what other users have in their “store” and swap or buy something that is more your style -- while you wait for someone to scoop up that sweet sweater of yours.

Download PoshMark: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 22 out of 100.