Get a job: Apps to search, score and succeed at work

Manage your job search on the go, prepare for the interview, and succeed in your new role with the help of these apps.

Job Finder

Instead of visiting multiple job listing sites, Job Finder searches the offers for you. For just 99 cents, it aggregates job search information from local newspapers, SimplyHired, and more.

First, enter your area of interest by category, role and your location. The app will remember this anytime you go back to search the most recent listings -- which include 73 categories from Accounting, Advertising, and Insurance to Government/Military, IT, Law Enforcement/Security and more.

You can save yourself time by applying for positions of interest right through the app, too. Just click more information on a job that suits you.

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Download Job Finder: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score: 16 out of 100.

Interview Buzz

Nail the interview by preparing with Interview Buzz. Job seekers can go over practice questions and answers listed in the app that may be brought up in an interview. You can also modify the questions and answers you would like to practice.

Examples include: Q. Why should I hire you? The Interview Buzz app offers reasonable advice: “Describe in detail your skills and capabilities. Explain how you would be able to contribute in the particular job position and to the company.”

The app also suggests questions you should have for the interviewer on the company and role you may soon be working for.

Other helpful tips include do’s and don’ts while sitting in the interview, suggested attire, resume format and even dining etiquette if the interview is held over lunch or coffee.

Download Interview Buzz: Apple iTunes.
Mobilewalla Score: 22 out of 100.

New Leader Smart Tools

After you land the job, thanks to the great advice these apps have brought you, become a leader in your new role with the help of the New Leader Smart Tools iPad app. It will walk you through the first 100 days of a new job or assignment so that you can prepare in advance and be as productive as possible.

The app fosters collaboration between leaders and their teams. Suggestions include, “Before Day One: Get a pulse on the organization’s culture, which will determine how slow or fast you can initiate change and in what way. For example, determine if people have a bias to avoid conflict because it is destructive or welcome it as a constructive way to move ideas forward. Get this wrong and you may be perceived as too passive or overly aggressive.”

Each day has new to-do’s and reminders -- like after day one to regroup with your team and send thank you notes.

Through the app you can see a visual of what you currently need to be working on, what's coming up, and what's over due.

And at the conclusion of your first 100 days, the app reminds you to always think of new ways to evolve. “Evolve your people and plans based on unexpected changes. The app provides different strategies based on whether the change is major or minor, and the impact is temporary or enduring.”

Download New Leader Smart Tools: Apple iTunes.

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Now you have the tools and confidence you need to succeed. So get out there and do it!