Metta World Peace breaks down why the NBA Finals aren't rigged

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There's a sizable contingent of fans and even NBA players who geniunely seem to believe that the NBA playoffs have been rigged by the league. After Stephen Curry fouled out of a game for the first time in his career, his wife ranted on Twitter that she believes the NBA wanted a Game 7 "for money ... or ratings."

NBA veteran Metta World Peace gave a short lecture on Instagram to prove that's not true.

"Im going to tell you how the NBA is definitely more luck than being rigged. So the year Boston beat the Lakers, Andrew Bynum was hurt and Trevor Ariza was hurt. The year we beat the Celtics, [Kendrick] Perkins got hurt in Game 7.

Last year, when Golden State won, Conley was hurt, Parker was hurt, all the point guards that the Warriors faced [were] hurt. So that put them in the position to win. Kevin Love was out, Kyrie was out. They took advantage, they won.

This year, Golden State would have won 4-1 if Bogut didn't get hurt and Draymond wasn't suspended. So now the tables have turned. It's not that the NBA is rigged, it's that the Warriors are in a tougher position right now."

World Peace also broke down exactly why the NBA had to suspend Green for Game 5. "What you can't do, you can't kick in the [groin], because it's going to put your team in a deficit."

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