Low-downforce package will only make racing better after Las Vegas

Storylines were plentiful following Sunday's race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

There were a number of different leaders, but there were also a lot of mistakes that hindered those leaders' efforts. Kurt Busch comes to mind, but luckily for Brad Keselowski, he was able to come over his obstacles and take the victory.

Not only was the racing a big story, but teams, fans and even the broadcasters had to brave all that Mother Nature threw at us.

Once again, we've seen the dedication that everyone has for our sport, especially the fans who are loyal enough to brave those kind of elements. I've been going to racetracks for forty years and have encountered snow, rain and hail, but I honestly don't think I have ever encountered severe wind gusts like we had on Sunday.

What stood out to me again this week, just like Atlanta, was if a team was able to adjust on the car and make it better, a driver was able to catch up to another car and pass them. I loved seeing this because that is the point of this whole package. I hope the fans took note of how much passing occurred throughout the race.

I still believe that it's only going to get better because if you think about it, we only had two races last year, and now two races this year with this package. Teams will continue to make advancements with the package, which will make the racing even better.

It's also no surprise that in the first three races of 2016, we've had three different winners with three different manufacturers. It was Toyota at Daytona, Chevrolet at Atlanta and Sunday we saw a Ford roll into Victory Lane at Las Vegas. From a parity standpoint, it shows that NASCAR is doing its job.

I can't wait to get to Phoenix this weekend because it will feature another track style that's unlike the others we have raced on so far this season. We may even see a fourth different winner take the checkered flag.