Kevin Lee, Michael Chiesa get into brawl at UFC Summer Kickoff press conference

DALLAS Lightweight Michael Chiesa did not like what Kevin Lee had to say at the UFC Summer Kickoff press conference so he charged across the stage at his opponent before the two engaged in a near brawl.

It all started when the two fighters, who meet in Oklahoma City on June 25, started jawing back and forth at each other on stage.

"I like Mike. I like Chiesa. He's a good guy. I'm doing him a favor. I'm gonna change his life on June 25," Lee shouted at Chiesa. "His whole life they've been telling him hard work and dedication will get him where he wants. It's just not true. It's not going to happen."

Chiesa began firing back at him, but the Lee took that as an opening to respond before ending his tirade by mentioning his opponent's mother.

That line was more than enough to send Chiesa into a rage as he picked up the microphone and begin shouting at Lee across the stage from him.

"Don't you ever talk about my mom!" Chiesa yelled. "Don't you ever talk about my [expletive] mom. I'll smack the [expletive] out of you right now. Don't you ever talk about my mom."

While Lee tried to play it off with a smile, Chiesa was clearly not kidding when he threatened to go after his opponent as he got up from his seat and made a bee line across the stage.

As soon as Lee saw Chiesa coming, he stood up and went directly at him as well before throwing a right hand as security quickly swooped in to intervene.

With several security guards holding back both fighters, Chiesa and Lee were finally pulled off the stage. Chiesa was clearly angered by the entire incident while Lee looked jovial while trying to convince the UFC staff to let him stay at the press conference.

The volatile incident didn't stop Chiesa and Lee from returning to the stage at the end of the press conference where they faced off ahead of their showdown next month in the main event that will air live on FS1.


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