Raul Espinosa: 'El Cocinero' Obama Does Not Deserve Your Vote

There are three basic issues that sum up why Hispanics should not vote for Obama in November. One is his comment that “you didn’t build that.” The second one is his dismal diversity and inclusion record for Hispanics in the government. The last issue has to do with the revelations that the Obama Administration has been involved in ‘cooking’ contracting data and labor statistics to make it appear as if Obama is “Moving Forward,’ when, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

As Paul Harvey would have said… let’s look at the REAL story:

The President ineptness at solving business challenges is reflective in his outreach business strategy –outlined in 2009– whose results have been a fiasco. The President of the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez, summed up the failure by saying “there is no excuse for his poor showing.” A July national poll, commissioned by The Hill, blamed Obama for the paltry job growth and slow economic recovery.

Substantiated reports that the Obama Administration has been ‘cooking’ business statistical data and contracting results with small businesses to look good is another issue Hispanics should consider before casting their vote. The New York Times has acknowledged that the Obama claim that unemployment had dropped to 7.8 percent in September was "partly due to a statistical fluke." The Washington Times, on the other hand, said, “Obama fudged the unemployment numbers.”

Obama has also misrepresented his Administration record in contracting with small and minority businesses -through the SBA Report Card- by claiming that small and disadvantaged businesses had received 21.65 percent or $91.5 billion of all the federal contracts in the fiscal year 2011.

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That amount would make the contracts grand total $424.1 billion. Actually, the grand total of federal contracts awarded in fiscal year 2011 –according to the Federal Procurement Data System- was $534.6 billion, and that would make the $91.5 billion share Obama has claimed have been awarded to small businesses only 17.1 percent - the worse ever! By law, federal agencies are required to spend 23 percent of all the government contracts with small businesses.

The Obama Administration has never met its statutory goal; gave itself a “B” grade (instead of an “F”) on the SBA Report Card and it has been ‘cooking’ the SBA Report Card results ever since President Obama has been in office.

Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE and a respected business consultant, asserted on The Wall Street Journal that “the economy would need to be growing at breakneck speed for unemployment to drop to 7.8 percent from 8.3 percent in the course of two months."

Our Umbrella Initiative Think Tank, featured recently on Eco Latino, confirmed the SBA Report Card facts on a Report it provided to a Senate committee, at their request. It also has released a Power Point Presentation that describes the ‘cooking’ of the government contracting results data, a $600 billion marketplace just to appear as if minorities were making progress.

NBC-TV described -on its own investigative program- how the Obama Administration has been awarding billions in small business contracts to ineligible large businesses. He has lied and he has ‘cooked’ the facts upsetting a lot of small business leaders and minority advocates, many of whom had supported him in 2008. Minority voters need to know these facts before they vote in November. SBA has denied fraud and abuse from within government, but these facts speak for themselves.

Barney Bishop, former executive director of Associated Industries of Florida, a state lobbying group for small businesses, commented, “I am a Democrat, and I plan to remain a Democrat. But, in this election, I will not be voting for Obama.”

My advocacy colleague, Lloyd Chapman, President of the American Small Business League has summed it all when he said, “I endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008, but I couldn’t be more disappointed.”

Obama does not deserve your vote in November. He did not deliver on his promises; his outreach business strategy to help us create jobs was a failure; he is giving our small business contracts to mega corporations;  has ‘cooked’ the data on government contracting and now has burned his cooking by playing with the unemployment statistics. Now, you have. . . the rest of the story.