Hillary Clinton: 'I want to build on Obamacare'


Hillary Clinton on Saturday said she wants to "build" on President Obama's healthcare law, signaling that were she president she'd try to bring about a further expansion of government's role in the health sector.

Clinton said it was important to defend Obamacare from an assault by Republicans, noting that it made some necessary reforms, but she said it didn't go far enough.

"I want to build on and improve the Affordable Care Act," she said. "I would certainly tackle cost issues, because I think once the foundation was laid with a system to try and get as many people as possible into it, to end insurance discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions or women for example, that yes we are gonna have to figure out how to get more competition in the insurance market. How to get the costs of prescription drugs, but particularly other out of pocket expenses down."

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