Cruz attacks NYT for saying he criticized Trump

Ted Cruz said a New York Times report claiming that he criticized Donald Trump is "misleading." The Texas senator's presidential campaign eagerly pushed back against the suggestion that Cruz spoke ill of The Donald at a private fundraiser in New York City.

A Times report citing two anonymous sources at a Madison Avenue luncheon with Cruz said the senator questioned Trump's "judgment." In response, the Cruz campaign sent out a statement blasting the story.

"In the course of a presidential election, the voters are going to make a decision about every candidate," Cruz said. "And ultimately the decision is, who has the right judgment and the right experience to serve as commander-in-chief? Every one of us who is running is being assessed by the voters under that metric, and that is exactly why we have a democratic election to make that determination."

The Texas senator has repeatedly avoided criticizing Trump publicly and openly courts Trump's supporters. Any criticism of Trump would be a major departure from Cruz's past public statements.