Bride brought to tears as Texas officer returns stolen wedding rings at rehearsal dinner

Carley Shimkus interviews happy couple and Lewisville, Texas officer

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A couple's wedding weekend was saved by a Texas police officer who tracked down a thief that had swiped the bride-to-be's purse just days before the ceremony. 

Emery Bundy told "Fox & Friends" host Carley Shimkus that her purse was filled with more things than normal – including the wedding rings – as she shopped at an At Home store on Friday.

"We were actually on our way to the venue and getting ready for the weekend," she said Tuesday morning. 


Bundy and her husband Sam were shopping for a basket to hold blankets to keep their wedding guests warm. While they were checking out, a woman switched the carts and took her purse.

The purse contained Emery’s wedding ring, her husband's ring, her phone, a family heirloom ring, her wallet, I.D., items for the honeymoon, and cash for the wedding vendors.

"Basically everything you would ever need," she explained.

Sam Bundy said they approached the store to find the culprit, and they were handed camera footage of the incident.

"We knew at that point it got stolen. We were pretty concerned," he said.

Lewisville police officer Charles Bonar reviewed the footage from the store and got to work. 

"I got a pretty good description of the suspect's vehicle but couldn’t get a tag or anything because the video was too low quality," he said.

However, Bonar utilized a technology called Flock Safety, which was able to get 184 images of black Audis that had come through the area. Bonar was then able to match a tag with the vehicle seen in the store parking lot.

"So I went through that, used the identifiers that I got from those security footages and was able to track down a tag and that led to the registered owner’s address," he said.


Emery broke down in tears when Bonar returned the ring to her at the rehearsal dinner Saturday night.

"I was completely shocked. I knew he was coming because he gave us a heads-up. But, I actually had my back turned when he first walked in the room and everyone broke out into applause because, of course, we told everybody. And the second I saw him, i just cried my eyes out. It was just beautiful."