Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on President Joe Biden Friday to apologize for casting doubt on the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed last year, telling "Fox & Friends" it could make a difference in getting unvaccinated people onboard with the coronavirus shots.

SARAH SANDERS: If I'm elected governor here in Arkansas, we will not have mask mandates, we will not have mandates on the vaccine, we will not shut down churches and schools and other large gatherings because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility. It's one of the key cornerstones frankly of our country. I think if President Biden and Vice President Harris and others on the left are serious about helping save lives through the vaccine, they should admit they were wrong when they cast doubt on Operation Warp Speed at the very beginning, and give President Trump and his administration the credit they are due for helping get this vaccine created safely, quickly and effectively, and into the hands of Americans. I think that would make a huge difference, and I think they should really take some responsibility and step up and fix the mistake that they made by casting so much doubt at the very beginning of this process…

This was a vaccine that was created safely and effectively under the Trump administration, and he should give credit to that administration. I think that would make a huge difference in the rhetoric, take away some of the politicization that we have seen over the course of the last year on this particular issue, if they would admit they were wrong when they cast that original doubt on Operation Warp Speed and give some credit to the previous administration. I think it could make a difference.