Radio host makes emotional plea to young people, spring breakers ignoring social distancing

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Millennials ignoring the devastating effects of the coronavirus need to connect with others who have been impacted by the deadly virus, KISSFM Seattle's Carla Marie said Thursday.

Appearing in an interview on "Fox & Friends" with hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt, Carla Marie said millennials who believe they're immune from the virus because of their youth or good health were not thinking about their own families and the "fallout" from COVID-19.


In an emotional Instagram video, Carla Marie revealed how her mother's open-heart surgery was canceled because the hospital the procedure was scheduled in was host to COVID-19 patients.

"So now, it's way beyond coronavirus patients and getting the coronavirus," she explained. "I mean, I'm sure there are people in their families who have cancer, who have heart problems, and you want your family to get the best treatment for whatever they have. It's not just catching a virus that you think you are invincible from anymore."

Videos of "spring breakers" partying on Florida beaches went viral this week. Many of the beachgoers said all they wanted to do was party and scoffed at the idea of canceling their trips due to COVID-19.

"I think that they need people in their lives to tell them how they are feeling and their stories," Carla Marie remarked. "I have friends and family who, at first, weren't thinking this was real either."

She told the "Friends" hosts she believed sharing her message about her mother made her friends take the pandemic seriously.

"Call your mom and your dad because you can do that," she mused. "I think that's the problem: they aren't connecting with their family right now."

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has crossed over 220,000 and deaths globally rose to more than 9,000. The U.S. has now reported more than 9,000 cases with over 150 deaths reported.


"Our lives are changing every day," she continued. "And you can prevent this from changing."

"You can literally prevent it by sitting on your couch," she pleaded. "Just go sit on your couch a few days and watch the numbers change."