Hannity blasts Hunter Biden-ABC News interview: 'Blatant attempt to spin and deflect and lie'

Sean Hannity on Tuesday night slammed Joe Biden's son Hunter's interview with ABC News' "Good Morning America," in which Hunter defended his family over accusations of corruption involving Ukraine.

"For anyone with a functioning brain, it could not be more obvious under Biden, his son profited off his father's international diplomacy in Ukraine and China," Hannity said. "We're talking about millions upon millions of dollars, lucrative international deals tailored to literally be made for Hunter Biden."

Hunter Biden broke his silence Tuesday in his first televised interview since his overseas business dealings came under scrutiny, maintaining he did nothing improper while he served on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, all while his father was vice president.

Biden told "Good Morning America" that accepting the lucrative position was, in retrospect, "poor judgment."


ABC News' Amy Robach asked Biden if he would have snagged the board seat if he had a different last name.

"I don't know, probably not," he responded, explaining he left the board in April when his five-year term ended.

"He's admitting it. He made millions with no experience whatsoever," Hannity reacted, adding that Democrats "call any accusation of misconduct against the former vice president an unproven conspiracy theory. The problem with that lie is that everything we have been reporting about the Biden family business of corruption is dead-on accurate. He had no experience."

The host also criticized Robach's interview questions, calling them "softball questions."

"Virtually no follow-up questions at all. Could you imagine, by the way, how would the media mob be reacting if you replace the name 'Joe and Hunter Biden' with, say, 'Donald Trump and Don Jr.?'"


Hannity also blasted Biden's performance in the interview.

"What we saw on ABC is a blatant attempt to spin and deflect and lie in what is a growing real scandal that's not going away," Hannity said.