Must Watch: Fox hosts shriek in fear attempting to 'Escape the Room'

Fox Nation host Abby Hornacek conducted a team-building exercise by putting her fellow hosts to the test. Could they uncover the clues and escape the locked room before time runs out?

The latest show "Escapes the Room" features five Fox Nation favorites as they channeled their inner detective and tried to uncover the clues that would lead them to freedom. The unscripted, comical segment included Abby Hornacek, Tom Shillue, David Webb, Carley Shimkus, and Kat Timpf.

The challenging activity has become popular in recent years, enabling a team of players tasked with finding the key to their freedom -- within a limited amount of time--by working together to discover clues, and solve puzzles, in a locked room.

With Hornacek controlling the clues, the remaining hosts teamed up to prove their investigative skills.

"I'm gonna need you to work fighting," Hornacek joked.

Hornacek didn't go easy on her fellow hosts, often redirecting their attention when they were close to uncovering a clue.

As Webb, host of Fox Nation's "Reality Check," began solving the puzzle, Hornacek pulled the lights, making it difficult for the hosts to find their way around the locked room.

"Abby came here and we used to be friends, however, I'm rethinking the friendship now," Shimkus joked.

"She's not nice," Shillue added. Timpf agreed, complaining that she needed to find the last clue because she was "hungry."

Hornacek expressed surprise at the hosts' skills, specifically Webb's, and called Shimkus the "positive enforcer."

"David Webb, wow, I cannot believe how well you're doing, you are really leading the pact..." she commented at one point in the segment.

Later, the hosts were in for a big surprise, resulting in "screams of horror" from many in the room.

"Just keeping you guys on your toes," Hornacek joked over the loudspeaker.

"Abby," Webb responded, "We're coming for you when this is over."

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