WATCH: Construction workers allegedly find 33-foot anaconda while building dam

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Construction workers in northern Brazil allegedly stumbled upon a giant, 33-foot anaconda while they were setting off explosions to build a dam.

Instead of a pile of rocks, the workers allegedly found the 880-pound snake, according to a video that has gone viral.

YouTube user Alexandra Flores uploaded footage allegedly captured by a construction worker at the Belo Monte Dam site in February.

The footage shows the anaconda chained to a crane and later lifted to reveals its yellow spotted belly. It shows a close up of the massive animal.

Flores’ YouTube video has received more than 850,600 views since it was posted, while a video on Weird Animals has more than 2.6 million views

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If the snake was 33 feet, the gigantic reptile would be the largest ever found and captured.

The fate of the anaconda in Brazil remains unclear.

The snake that holds the title as largest in the world is Medusa, a snake in captivity in Kansas City that measures 25 feet 2 inches, according to Guinness World Record.

According to reports, the Belo Monte Dam is hydroelectric dam complex under construction on the Xingu River in northern Brazil. It is expected to be the fourth-largest in the world after the Three Gorges Dam in China, the Itaipu Dam on the Brazilian-Paraguay border and the Xiluodu Dam in China.

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