Turning Dead Animals into Mementos

Some people grow so attached to their pets they don’t want to ever let go of them. Oscar Silvestre León, an Argentinean, makes it possible for pets to hang around forever.  

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    A mummified cat in front of a reduced one, his specialization, draw the difference between his original work in comparison with the others.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    His collection of reduced heads of cats, goats, rams and other animals are shown in this glass cabinet.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Leon is proud of his almost 50 years of specialization in reducing animals head. He smiles while he shows one of his best and more difficult works.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    This image is from a reduced head of a foal, the biggest animal he worked with. This work was asked specially by his owner. It took six months to finish it.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Oscar Silvestre León, known as "Jibaro of the Pampas", has a special place in international press. As English, Southafrican, and Latin-american.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Wild nature surround him every day in his early bike's tours. He trains many hours a day, since he was a child, and was part of bike's careers with special recognitions.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Another perspective of the same caption: the front of a mummified cat and the reduced head of another shows the difference between them. Its only bind are ears and moustaches.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    A resume of his most important works exposed in a glass cabinet as prices of his long and famous career.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Leon goes every morning, very early, over 30 miles in rural routes, where he finds dead animals for his works.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Eon drinks mate, typical argentine infusion while explains his work. He reduces heads but remains ears in its original size to realize about animals size. This little kid is an example.
    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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    Photographer Marcelo Lombardi
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