Sex Talk: When And How To Educate Your Kids

Sex talk with the kids is not an easy issue. You’re in the car with your kids listening to a pop station. Suddenly, the lyrics explode in your ears: And I know you be getting so horny Cause you be sending me texts Like boy just get your a** up in that car …

“Mom, what does horny mean?”

When it comes to sex education most of us suddenly clam up. All sorts of strange questions pop into our head: If I talk about what this means, will they be more curious? Will they want to do it? How much information is too much? At what age should my kid know what horny means?

With the saturation of hyper-sexualized media images surrounding us, it is hard to avoid it. And so you shouldn’t. Experts recommend taking the bull by the horns and addressing their questions head on. The question is not so much when to have The Talk, but how to create a series of conversations throughout children’s lives where they will learn about sex, intimacy, trust and respect in an age-appropriate context. As policies on sex education in schools vary from state to state – in 35 states parents can “opt out” on their child’s behalf – it is imperative that parents educate their own children.

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