Mom defends Disney-inspired baby name after trolls mock it online: It 'suits her'

Jade Jeanes acknowledges her daughter's name is "unconventional," but she doesn't care what haters say — the Disney-loving mom is standing by her unique choice.

After a fierce debate with her husband, Joshua, over potential girl names, the 27-year-old from Somerset, England, floated the option "Belle" from Walt Disney Pictures' "Beauty and the Beast," according to the Bristol Post. But the pair later decided to compromise with the name "Disney," which encompasses all of their beloved childhood movies.

"Disney is quite a personality. Her name suits her and her personality loads," Jeanes told the South West News Service (SWNS). “It’s no one’s business what we decided to call her, and I think that’s the way our generation is going to be honest."


After giving birth to her daughter Disney in November, the mom started joining Facebook parenting groups for tips, tricks and much-needed venting.

When one Facebook user asked parents to share their child's name on a thread in the group Mums The Word, Jeanes gushed about her firstborn's moniker Disney. To her surprise, the name received dozens of comments from online trolls, mocking her choice with laughing emojis, SWNS reports.

Jade Jeanes with her daughter Disney.

Jade Jeanes with her daughter Disney. (SWNS)

At first, Jeanes was heartbroken.

“It’s just a name. There are ordinary names that people give that I don’t like, but I don’t tell them that they shouldn’t give those names," she told the British news agency. “It was more of a fun post that I assumed people would be okay with. In the end, people just either hate it or love it."

The group rules listed on the Facebook group include advising members to "be kind and courteous."


"If you don't like what someone says, scroll on down," the group administers wrote.

Jade Jeanes and her husband Joshua, with their daughter Disney. 

Jade Jeanes and her husband Joshua, with their daughter Disney.  (SWNS)

The mom said the shaming comments aren't going to stop her from considering other unusual names for any future offspring.

"I don’t think I’ve come across any names from video games that were too ‘out there,'" she told SWNS. “I’d love a son called Sonic."

Since stories about her daughter's name have gone viral, Jeanes said she's received a flood of support.

"The amount of support we received over this is unreal. The trolls can go away! ❤️ I’ve seen comments saying she’s an ‘it’... she’s not an it, she’s a baby and a human!" she posted on Facebook Thursday.

"I Love that name so different," one Facebook user commented on her recent post.

"Love it and every word so true. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's a beautiful name for a beautiful girlie. Well done to you all for doing the story xxxx," another added.

"Love the name hun don't [know] what all the fuss is about hope ur alk ok xx," a third commented.