Lost Video Camera Found After Months At Sea; Fascinating Images of Sea Life

Talk about good battery life!

A GoPro digital video camera that accidently sent to the depths of the Caribbean after a kitesurfer lost it off the coast of the Dominican Republic was retrieved by a spear-fisherman, revealing not only the durability of the tiny camera, but its own amazing underwater journey.

While kitesurfing off the D.R’s famed Kit Beach, Jens Knof attached his camera to the tip of board and spent an afternoon bouncing the clear waters of the Caribbean. Footage from Knof’s day in the waves show the camera bouncing over the water before being pried loose and slipping under the surface.

The water resistant camera continues recording as it makes its slow plunge to the reef below, allowing Knof and anyone who visits his YouTube page to view the coral reef, sea life and other aquatic activity off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

After coming to rest on the reef the video show schools of fish fluttering by the reef before the offshore current picks it up and sends it hurtling down the reef once more.

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Knof has all but given up hope of getting back his pricey video camera – a GoPro ranges from $200 to $400 – after posting details of his lost camera online. He was shocked that it was returned to him with only a dead battery and some briny gunk encrusted on the camera’s outer cover.

GoPro and similar cameras have become popular with thrill seekers who want to capture their exploits ranging from back country ski expeditions to surfing massive swells to jumping out of airplanes.

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