Eyelash extensions give woman infection, cause real lashes to fall out

Eyelash extensions can save you a ton of time if you're looking for an alternative to mascara or false lashes. However, they're definitely not foolproof, as one lash extension devotee learned when she stopped by an Australian salon for a touchup.

The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed woman stopped by a store called Emmaculate Beauty to have her lashes filled and the salon's owner, Emma Dhanjal, was horrified at what she found when the client laid down on her table.

Dhanjal originally posted the story, along with photos, to the salon's Facebook page. She's since removed the post, but Refinery29 has screengrabs of the images and her original text. Be warned: the photos aren't for the faint of heart!

According to Dhanjal, the client's natural lashes were "falling off" and the skin around them was inflamed and angry. "This should NEVER ever happen to your lashes, please do not be scared of having lash extensions applied, if you do your research and go to the right place your lash extensions can be applied for years and years without having a break," she warned.

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While this client lost her natural lashes and is probably on the hunt for a good doctor to help heal any trauma caused by her nightmare eyelash extensions, it doesn't mean that you should be terrified to try them. However, since they are applied to your eyes (you know, the things you see with!) take Dhanjal's advice and do your research before deciding on a lash provider. Even the FDA has advice when it comes to lash extensions; you can ask your provider for hypoallergenic glue before your service starts, for example.

While we don't know exactly how this client's lashes were applied or what the exact trouble was with them, this story is still a warning of what can happen if you don't do your homework. If you're interested in trying lash extensions, make sure you book an appointment with a legit spot so you can bat your new set of long, lush eyelashes at everyone you meet without worry.

This article originally appeared on Teen Vogue