Candace Cameron-Bure shares her secret tricks to looking young

Anyone who watched Candace Cameron-Bure grow up on camera as D.J. Tanner in “Full House” knows the 41-year-old actress doesn’t appear to have aged a bit. In fact, the mother-of-three could easily be mistaken for her 19-year-old daughter’s sibling. But while Cameron-Bure credits some of her looks to good genes, the industry vet knows a thing or two about how to stay looking so young. The “Staying Stylish” author sat down with Fox News to share her best beauty advice she’s learned over the years, as well as a few of her favorite style tips from her new lifestyle book.


Cameron-Bure swears by one simple tip to that keeps her skin looking its best. “One of the basic things that I don’t ever not do is wash my face every single night. I know a lot of women are like, ‘I’m too tired and I don’t care about taking my makeup off.’ But when you wear makeup every day, again that’s investing in your skin. You have to clean your skin every single night. Take that makeup off,” she told Fox News.

She also said that when it comes to skincare, quality products are worth the splurge. “You’re born with what you get and you have to really take care of it and I think that’s what makes a lot of us look youthful.”

Despite having access to all of the latest beauty advice, the actress admits it all comes down to the basics to keep you looking your best. “Using my sunscreen, drinking a lot of water, all these things we’ve heard over and over, but they’re the truth and there’s a reason why everyone keeps saying them. Genetics plays a part and I’m thankful to my mama and dad, but you will always look your best if you invest in your skin,” she said.

While Cameron-Bure might invest in pricier beauty products, when it comes to fashion, she said it’s easy to look stylish even on a budget. “I think it’s very easy to stay stylish without spending a lot of money and really sticking to the basics,” she told Fox News.


“I think that when you do that and just get pieces that are simple and classic, you’re always going to look in style. And then when you want to pump it up a little bit for that little extra flare, you can do that with accessories…with shoes, a jacket, a handbag.”

You can read more of Cameron-Bure’s tips on beauty, fashion and fitness in her latest book, “Staying Stylish.”