Buckle-free belt becomes Amazon 'best-seller' despite missing seemingly important feature

Amazon has a surprising new best-seller — a novelty belt without a buckle.

The online retail giant's "No Buckle Stretch Belt" has been generating a lot of buzz since it was first listed on the website Tuesday. In the past three days alone, the product – which comes in a variety of colors including black, grey, blue and shades of brown – has received more than 1,500 customer reviews.

Overall, the $13.99 buckle-free belt has garnered a 4.5-star rating, with around 80 percent of reviewers giving it five stars overall.


The stretchy belt is said to feature a "super comfortable and soft elastic strap for women/men/child and the old." The product, which is also made with "high-quality durable leather," is also advertised as allowing for "free and casual movement," according to a description of the Werforu belt.

According to the posting, the belt is intended to put less stress on pants loops and create a more unisex item that can adjust to fit pant sizes that range from 24-inch waists to 48-inch waists.

The "No Buckle Stretch Belt" has generated a lot of buzz since it was first listed on Amazon's website on March 19, 2019.

The "No Buckle Stretch Belt" has generated a lot of buzz since it was first listed on Amazon's website on March 19, 2019. (Amazon)

Many customers have raved about the belt online — explaining why they prefer a buckle-less belt.

"Silly, I know but l LOVE this belt. I work as a custodian ( female) and with this belt my pants stay in place all night. I am constantly bending over, sweeping & mopping floors,going up and down stairs & lifting heavy items. My pants never move or slip. Belt adjust to accommodate a large range of waist sizes. Best part is not having a belt buckle that gets caught on object or gets in the way the way. I am planning to buy more for every day use, they also look and are comfortable," one reviewer wrote.

"This is an awesome idea for a belt. I always dislike how a belt buckle makes my waist look bigger. This solves that issue. Also, an added bonus, no undoing a belt when going to the bathroom! A belt buckle is included in case you need one for an occasion. Love this!" another wrote.


"I've been looking for a belt like this. I'm tired of little holes in the front of my shirts from belt buckles and so I started positioning the belt on my side to avoid this - didn't like that either. So I'm glad to have found this design. I've tried it and love it. My belly looks flatter too because the annoying buckle doesn't stick out," a third added.

But the accessory hasn't won over everyone who has purchased it. Some said they need more convincing before committing to a buckle-free belt.

"It will rip the belt loops off your pants if you make it tight enough to actually hold your pants on in the first place. A belt loop is not a load bearing attachment point. It's not meant to be pulled on," a 1-star reviewer claimed. "Put this on in the morning, I really liked it, but at the end of the day my jeans were clearly not standing up to this on a regular basis. They seem to acknowledge this by advertising the clasp. 'Clasp' is another word for 'buckle' and that largely defeats the point of a no-buckle belt, doesn't it. Interesting concept, but doesn't work in the real world."

"It works and doesn’t bother me at all but after their first use I can foresee an unavoidable problem. My belts loops will rip eventually. I attached a picture to show. Even at the loosest setting which makes this belt purposeless, it tugs at the loops. I have to tighten it to tighten it at the waist...so it really tugs at the loops. I wouldn’t purchase this belt again," a woman, who gave the item 2 stars, commented.


"It's a great concept, but a poor construct. The size adjustor has two sharp metal points on it. When the belt rides over the waist of my jeans and touches my skin, these awful little metal spikes scratch the heck out of my back," a third alleged.