15 Baby Names That Will Soon Be Extinct, According to the Social Security Administration

According to new data obtained from the Social Security Administration, your chances of meeting a man named Elmo are growing increasingly slim with each passing year.

We know that seems unbelievable now, epecially since the average American runs into no less than three or four Elmos on any given day, but it's true. In 2013, the name "Elmo" was given to only five newborn babies, which is the lowest amount the SSA bothers to tally.

These findings were first brought to light by a website called Nameberry as part of a report listing 14 other baby names that fared just as poorly as Elmo. Read the rest below, then head over to Times Square or Hollywood Boulevard to take pictures with perhaps the last Elmos you'll ever meet.

Names Given to Only Five Babies Each in 2013:


  • Alpha
  • Barbra
  • Claudine
  • Nanette
  • Sheba
  • Sondra
  • Thisbe
  • Zelma


  • Elmo
  • Icarus
  • Inigo
  • Llewellyn
  • Remus
  • Sherwood
  • Waldo

For more information on these soon-to-be extinct names, head over to Nameberry for the origins and etymology of each.