12-year-old Begins Freshman year of College

At 12 years old, this Arizona boy may be the youngest Arizona State University freshman ever. He just started classes and took some time away from his studies to talk to FOX 10.

After the first couple of weeks of kindergarten, Javier Urcuyo's parents got a phone call from his teacher saying he was reading at a very advanced level and he needed to skip kindergarten and go to 1st grade. Since then he's been on the fast track.

Javier Urcuyo looks like the average 12-year-old dressed in basketball shorts and a T-shirt.

Like most preteens, his iPod is close by. But what makes him unlike a typical 7th grader is that he is in fact a freshman at Arizona State University.

Javier is taking classes like calculus at the Herberger Young Scholars Academy on the west campus.

"I've been with older kids for most of my life because I skipped kindergarten," says Javier.

He's always been on the fast track to a higher education, studying alongside older people. In 5th grade he took pre-calculus.

But outside the classroom, Javier hangs out with kids his own age. He plays basketball and video games.

He's also an older brother who watches over his 4-year-old sister. Javier even gets in trouble for watching TV while doing his college homework.

"He is still a regular kid, just happens math comes a little easier," says dad Carlos Urcuyo.

His parents are proud of their young scholarly son and his desire to do big things. They're grateful Arizona's schools are nurturing their son's academic needs.

He's a humble kid -- the only subject he shies away from is history. History stumps him -- he doesn't like memorizing dates.

Javier plans to complete a PH.D/MD.

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