Want more sex? Do this chore, study says

As two attorneys living in New York City, Alexandra Kling and her husband, Jake, barely see each other during the work week. Their solution to their hectic schedules? Divvy up the housework.

Jake, 31, takes their dog, Walden, on his morning walk, runs the dishwasher and takes out the garbage — while Alexandra, 32, takes Walden on his evening walks, makes the bed and cooks dinner.

“He’s the kind of person who views us as a team,” Alexandra tells The Post. “I think that’s attractive. Splitting the chores gives us time to focus on other things, like our love life.”

And while she didn’t disclose how often they are intimate, she says that their sex life is very fulfilling.

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Alexandra’s not the only one who finds equality sexy. A report recently published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that men and women who share domestic labor had 0.5 more sexual encounters per month on average than couples who did not.

“When it comes to relationships, fairness is more important to us than it was before,” Amanda Miller, a sociology professor at the University of Indianapolis and co-author of the report, tells The Post.

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