Dr. Manny's Notes: When Thongs Attack

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A rather interesting headline caught my eye today-and I'm sure you'll understand why...

"Woman Sues Victoria's Secret, Claims Injury From Defective Thong"

A 52-year-old Los Angeles woman is suing Victoria's Secret claiming she suffered an injury from a faulty pair of thong underwear. It seems a "design problem" caused a piece decorative metallic material to fly off the panties and into her eye as she attempted to step into the sexy skivvies. The Smoking Gun is reporting that prior to the lawsuit, officials from Victoria's Secret had asked to see the fabric offender, but were refused by the woman's lawyer.

Now this seems like a ridiculous claim to me. Rather than suing the company, she should be thankful that she is avoiding the possible health risks associated with sporting these skimpy undergarments.

While there is not much published research on the subject, I can offer some anecdotal research from my 25 years of seeing female patients as an OB/GYN doctor. And ladies, I'm sorry to tell you that no matter how sexy they make you feel, no matter how many panty line nightmares they have saved you from, or how "comfortable" they may be-they doincrease your risk for infection!

There is indirect evidence to suggest that the chronic use of a thong can lead to a bladder infection. Remember there are many kinds of bacteria lurking in the vagina and around the anus. Also the female urethra is very short. So the presence of that thin strip of fabric in this area could increase the likelihood of bacteria exchange into the female bladder, ultimately causing a urinary tract infection to develop. Other problems that have been reported by "chronic-thong-wearing-women" are clitoral irritation, chafing or lacerations to the anus, and vaginal infections.

Now I'm not condemning thongs completely but it's important to take into account a woman's individual gynecological history. Remember, what might be right for some may not be right for others.