WATCH: Beer Experts Review Cheap Beers, Hate One Slightly Less Than the Rest

The most affordable beers aren't always the most flavorful beers, but that usually doesn't stop us from enjoying a cheap brew at our local watering hole. On the other hand, hearing it described as "dishwashing soap" just might.

In the above video clip produced by the Facts Channel, four beer aficionados — two brewers, a beer sommelier and a teacher at the Beer Academy of Ireland — were tasked with tasting and rating four of North America's most affordable ales. Needless to say, they were not impressed.

On the plus side, the experts seemed to hate one beer slightly less than the rest, so congratulations if that's your preferred brand. (According to the experts, your favorite beverage isn't complete swill!)

Watch the clip above for the rest of their ratings, then tell us which types of beers you prefer in our poll: