Waiter fired for being 'aggressive' claims it is his French personality

A waiter in Canada was reportedly fired from his job for being too aggressive with coworkers, but the ex-staffer is claiming that the trait is just a part of his culture. According to CBC News, Guillaume Rey has filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against Milestones Restaurant and its parent company, Cara Operations, for misinterpreting his “direct, honest, and professional” French personality.

While restaurant leaders reportedly agree that Rey was a good worker, they maintain that he was fired for an “aggressive tone and nature” toward other employees, which violates the establishment’s code of conduct.

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Rey, who worked at the Vancouver restaurant from October 2015 to August 2016, claims that he received “great feedback from guests” and was “very friendly and professional with his tables.” But according to CBC News, he was often scolded about being “combative and aggressive” toward colleagues until he was ultimately fired for bringing a peer to tears. Rey has reportedly denied all allegations.

The tribunal has denied an application by Milestones Restaurant and Cara Operations to dismiss the complaint.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Milestones Restaurant and Cara Operations for comment.