Video featuring Austin restaurant spoofs kitchen drones

Hot off the hype of drones delivering the world everything from Christmas presents to pizza, one Austin restaurant shows how good it can be for weary restaurant workers if a drone were really put to some good use.

Eater posted a video make by Austin gastropub Swift's Attic and UAV company Arch Aerial that spoofs how a team of motorized servers go beyond just delivering food.

“They’re super easy to maintain," Swift Attic's sous chef Zack Northcutt deadpans. "They get the food out to everybody in a nice, timely manner; always ready to go, never call in sick,”

Not just that, the drones do a number on the celery, too.

“We have them in the kitchen, ready to go, ready to slice anything that we need,” says Northcutt, as another chef uses the drone’s blades as an impromptu food processor.

And they even take out the trash.  Now, that's progress.

Have a look: