Vampire wine for the bloodthirsty wino

Vampires are hot these days -- and not just because it's Halloween.

From Anne Rice’s "Interview With a Vampire" series to the HBO hit "True Blood," vampires have become sexy and intriguing.

Which is exactly why Michael Machat decided to create a wine centered around them.

The CEO and founder of Vampire Vineyards actually had the idea for a Vampire wine back in the 1980s. “I liked wine at the time, and I had some friends into wine that were really stuck up about wine. I recall not being able to pronounce the names of most wines, and the idea seemed to be a great way to brand wine and make it friendly and fun.”

Vampire Wine is our entry-level wine with a price point around $10. Dracula was intended to be more of a mid-level wine, selling for around $20, but our Dracula Pinot Noir is an exception -- owing to the extensive time in French Oak and the grapes used in making that one a $35 wine. Chateau du Vampire is a small production range from Paso Robles priced in the mid $20's to mid $30's. Trueblood is our higher end wine range priced around $30.

No surprise, the tasting room is different, too. It’s not even at the vineyard.

Instead the Vampire Lounge is on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills -- and it’s a real lounge.

Unlike most tasting rooms that open from 10a to 5p the Vampire Lounge opens around $p and stays open until 2am at times.   “We serve wine by the glass like a wine bar, but we also do tastings like a tasting room.   Unlike a tasting room, we don't push people out after they've had a tasting,” says Machat.

And he has every intention of fully exploiting the Vampire brand. Wine glasses, olive oil, chocolates and even Vampire coffee are all available now.

So pick up a bottle of Vampire wines this Halloween – and let me know what you think.