Time to panic: the #srirachapocalypse is nigh

In case you haven’t heard the world in coming to an end, well, at least for some.

Tuesday, the Huy Fong Foods company was ordered by the California Department of Public Health to hold all bottles of its beloved hot sauce Sriracha for at least 30 days before shipping, to comply with food safety regulations.

That means it looks like there will be no more Sriracha until mid-January.

From doughnuts to vodka to candy canes, Sriracha is being added to just about anything. The looming possibility of a shortage has struck a chord of fear in the lovers of the hip hot sauce, as evidenced by the Twitter #hashtag: .

The srirachapocalypse has already spawned a host entrepreneurs looking to make a buck off of those fears. Last month, an eBay seller with the username, "larryhagman" posted for sale what he called "the last packet of Sriracha ever made."  His asking price: $10,000.

As larryhagman explains on his eBay page:

"I know you're saying, '$10,000 for a pack of Sriracha? That's crazy!' Well guess what, when the zombie apocalypse arrives and you're out of Sriracha, which are you gonna miss more—Sriracha for that rodent you just cooked, or the $10,000?"

Who knows, he might just get what he's asking for.  The sale ends Dec. 29.

Meanwhile, some who make delectable delights with the hot sauce say they're prepared for the end.

Slater’s 50/50, the southern-California burger chain, makes a popular Sriracha Burger: a beef burger blended with Huy Fong Sriracha, topped with Sriracha mushroom sauté, pepperjack cheese, Sriracha glazed bacon and Sriracha mayo.  It all sits on a bed of Sriracha coleslaw and brioche bun.

Better safe than sorry --that's what we say.