Tap honey like beer with revolutionary hive filter invention

The process to take honey from the hive to the table includes a lot of labor-- no to mention the risk of multiple stings.

Now a new invention allows hive owners to collect fresh honey straight from a tap, much like pouring a beer, thanks to an internal decanter attached to the comb inside.

Stuart and Cedar Anderson, a father and son team from Australia, say they have perfected the revolutionary FlowHive model after decades of work.

"It's far less stress for the bees and much easier for the beekeeper,” the team notes in a new video that has gotten over 100,000 views in just three days. Allowing beekeepers to collect honey without disturbing the animals is also safer for both human and bee, according the Andersons.

"I've spent hours taking honey of hives," remarks Will Vorobioff, an urban beekeeper featured in the Flow Hive demo video. He, along with several other beekeepers, look on in amazement as pure honey flows freely from a spout connected directly to a hive. "This blows my mind."

After receiving an enthusiastic social media buzz, the duo will be posting a new Kickstarter campaign on Feb. 23. The beekeeping community already seems excited by the sweet new invention but some YouTube commenters have noted that it “seems too good to be true.”

Will the FlowHive revolutionize the beekeeping industry? Only time will tell.