Pimple Cupcakes Are the Grossest Things We've Seen in a Long Time

We've seen a lot of gross things in our time, but this might take the (cup)cake.

A California bakery by the name of Blessed by Baking has reportedly teamed up with dermatologist Sandra Lee — aka Dr. Pimple Popper — to create a gross line of cupcakes that resemble pus-filled pimples.

And the best worst part? Each cupcake oozes a yellowish frosting "pus" when squeezed:

For what it's worth, Blessed by Baking also bakes cakes that don't make us want to hurl, like churro cupcakes, ice cream pops and tri-color birthday cakes, and not a single one exudes any gross discharges when pressure is applied.

Have a look below at BBB's more appetizing treats, then try to love cupcakes again: