Photographer documents delicious street food around the world

Food is one of the best ways to get to know a new city and Nick Mollberg has made it his mission to document every bite – from the delicious to the bizarre.

Mollberg, a software consultant based in Austin, Texas, travels a lot for work and decided to start experiencing his each place his visited as the locals do – with authentic street food.

“I try to take interesting photos of food in the places in which I experience it,” Mollberg told He finds “inspiration by combining delicious food with beautiful backgrounds.”

Raised as a vegetarian before it was easy to find tofu at your local supermarket, Mollberg credits his interest in food from an unusual upbringing.

“I couldn't enjoy a lot of typical food experiences while growing up - so maybe that's why I'm so adventurous these days? Making up for lost time.”

Now Mollberg eats meat, and almost anything.  He has traveled to dozens of cities, amassing hundreds of foodie travel photos. Istanbul and Fez, Morocco are two of his favorite spots but he would happily return to Italy for the endless array of “cured meats, delicious gelato, incredible pizza and an endless assortment of pastry.”

Fresh off a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile, the software consultant is eager to get back on the road.

“I'm headed to Mumbai in a few weeks, so excited to cover the Indian subcontinent!”