Photographer captures dreams and nightmares in everyday food

In the age of smartphones, everyone considers themselves a culinary photographer. Snaps of the latest haute cuisine flood Instagram accounts daily – often with mouthwatering results.

But one New York based photographer takes his vision for food to the next level. Davide Luciano challenges human perspective by creating fantastical scenarios with some well known edible objects.

“I like to show everyday things in a different light by giving them an alternate use,” Luciano told

“I like to manipulate my audience by creating scenarios that often ask the question: what if? What if a mouse trap was baited with a slice of NY pizza? What if a picnic was interrupted by a swarm of bees?”

His series entitled “Meals Interrupted” features decadent spreads in front of mouse traps.

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Luciano’s latest work is a creepy yet fascinating display entitled “Cold Feet.”

Luciano says the idea came to him while he was out with his wife Claudia, a food stylist, shopping for food in New York City’s Chinatown. “She was asking the butcher for chicken feet to make broth and she turned to me and said, 'those chicken nails are so pretty I almost want to paint them.'  From there the idea for Cold Feet was born.”

From frogs playing a friendly game of dominoes to a lobster shooting a pool, the photographs take a new twist to the idea of playing with one’s food.

Next up for Luciano and his wife? A unique look focusing on society’s obsession with junk food.

Check out more of Luciano’s works in the slideshow above.