‘Me So Hungry' restaurant changes its name after offending Iowa's dining community

A yet-to-be-opened restaurant in Iowa, which was to be called “Me So Hungry,” has officially changed its name to Eggs & Jam in the wake of backlash from the online community.

"We have officially renamed our new restaurant to Eggs & Jam. We apologize for offending anyone with our previously announced restaurant name. Our intent was to create buzz and interest tied to a popular ‘90s song. However, it is clear we did not understand how it would be perceived, and how it could offend people in our community," the restaurateurs wrote in a statement obtained by Fox News.

The eatery, which will boast a ‘90s hip-hop theme and a Southern-inspired menu, isn’t scheduled to open until August, but critics had already claimed that the Caucasian couple behind the new dining spot were appropriating black culture to turn a profit, Huffington Post reports.


The restaurateurs have also taken flak for the original name of their eatery, which was presumed to be a play on a line spoken by the a Vietnamese prostitute in “Full Metal Jacket,” as well as a play on the name of a 2 Live Crew rap song, which sampled that same line of dialogue.

On Tuesday, the owners of a Vietnamese restaurant located in nearby Des Moines had also released a statement regarding the controversy, imploring the owners of Me So Hungry to “reconsider” the name of their establishment, as it only “serves as a potent reminder of each and every single time a member of our community was belittled for being Asian.”

In a statement they provided to Huffington Post earlier this week, the duo behind Me So Hungry — Sarah Cattoor and Ryan Greening — claimed that their intentions were genuine, and seemed to have no plans to change their establishment’s theme or name.

“We have been fans of hip-hop music along with other genres for all of our lives and look forward to opening Me So Hungry,” the two stated. “We welcome all varying views, and in fact you will likely find our views run very counter to many of the [racist] views we are being claimed to have."

“We encourage people to join us for breakfast and open up a productive dialogue about any issue.”


Me So Hungry is still slated to open sometime in August, according to the latest statement from the restaurateurs.

"We look forward to opening in August and providing people with a fun eating environment built around the music of the 1990s."

Photos and a full menu were recently available on the restaurant’s Facebook page, though the page has since been removed.