McDonald's has a Happy Meal box that turns into a virtual reality headset

Want some VR with those fries?

McDonald’s in Sweden has a new kid's toy that turns Happy Meal boxes into virtual reality goggles.

A fold here, a flip there, and kids can transform the box into a smartphone holder, which with a special game they created turns into a virtual reality experience, says AdWeek. 

Called Happy Goggles, the headwear works with the game "Se Upp I Backen,” which translates to “Watch Out on the Slopes” in English and is tied to a Swedish holiday known as Sportlov, in which families traditionally head out on skiing trips. (McDonald’s says the game is even officially endorsed by the Swedish alpine ski team.)

The virtual reality headsets will be available from March 5 to March 12 and the price is about $4.10.

Jeff Jackett, marketing director at McDonald's Sweden, tells AdFreak that the goggles are a way for parents and kids to connect.

"Parents can learn more about their children's knowledge and experience of the digital world. And purposeful gaming can also be a great joint activity that helps families interact on equal terms."

For now, you'll have to book a flight to give the goggles a go, but if they're a hit in Scandinavia, they may be rolled out to a wider audience.