Now that’s hangry.

A woman flew off the handle at a New York McDonald’s when she didn’t get her order of small fries fast enough – yelling homophobic slurs and threatening employees with a gun, cops and the store’s manager said.

The unidentified woman pulled up to the drive-thru in Albany around 7:20 p.m. Saturday evening, said a police spokesman, Officer Steve Smith.

She’d been waiting for about two minutes when employees asked her to pull into the parking lot and said they’d bring her the fries since there was a line around the corner, the fast-food joint’s manager, Robin Perez, told The Post.

“She was like ‘f—k you!’” Perez, 27, said. “She was very upset and wouldn’t park. She was arguing and called my employee a f—t.”

The woman even flung a slushy she had in her car at the drive-thru window, Perez said.

Finally, she parked and then rushed into the restaurant, telling one employee: “I’m going to come back for you,” according to Perez, who said he warned her he was calling the cops.

“She came inside the store screaming and shouting, cursing people out,” he said.

After her outburst, she walked out of the eatery and backed back into the drive-thru which is where she pulled a black handgun out of her waistband and pointed it at the manager, cops said.

“I was very scared,” Perez said. “I’m new to Albany. We don’t deal with this in Massachusetts.”

“It was quite intense,” he added. “Everyone was shaken up.”

The woman’s female friend, who was in the car with her, calmed her down and the pair left — without their food.

Cops were still looking for her Monday and were reviewing security video footage of the incident, Smith said.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post.