Marshawn Lynch scores foodie touchdowns with his love of Skittles

The much publicized habit of Marshawn Lynch munching Skittles on the sideline has landed the Seattle Seahawks running back a super sweet deal.

ESPN reports that he will get his very own specialty line of the candy, in addition to a Super Bowl promotional deal.

Called Seattle Mix Skittles, the limited-edition candy will feature only blue and green Skittles --Seahawks colors. The blue is raspberry-flavored and the green are melon berry.  The candy will not be sold in stores, but will be available for fans at surprise events and special locations, Skittles said.

Mars, which makes Skittles, also announced a deal that it will pay Lynch an undisclosed endorsement fee and include a $10,000 donation to his Fam First Foundation every time he scores a touchdown in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Skittles reportedly also will auction off a Skittles-covered football helmet and football and a Skittles-covered megaphone.

Yet, Lynch's obsession with Skittles has created other --shall we say -- sweet food creations.

A Seattle butcher has reportedly created skittle-flavored sausages in honor of Lynch called The Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage, named after the running back's nickname -- Beast Mode.

Blue Max Meat, who makes the sausage, takes pork shoulder, grinds it twice, then adds spices and three pounds of Skittles to the meat, reports The Times Tribune.  The cooking process melts the candies, so you don't see them in the final product.  But the outcome is a sausage with "rivers"of sweetness mixed in with the smokiness of the meat.  It reportedly tastes like smoked Fruity Pebbles --and has been selling like crazy.

And there's also a Beast Burger.  Delaware North, a food service provider concocted a burger as a tribute to Lynch, which is two burger patties topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, ham, onion rings, lettuce and tomato --and of course a side of Lynch's favorite candy.

Think we'll stick to the burger.