Man tries to win McDonald's Monopoly with 100 large fries

McDonald’s Monopoly has returned to Canada, and one man is convinced he has cracked the code to winning – by ordering enough French fries to feed a village.

Canadian vlogger, who goes by the moniker “Furious Pete,” says in his video that McDonald's Monopoly players have 1 in 5 chance of winning. Pete decided to conduct an “experiment” based on McDonald's promises, that would earn him at least 40 prizes, he said.


Pete planned to order 100 French fries and one large drink, giving him 202 game stamps, and therefore 202 chances to win based on the assumption that each stamp has a 1 in 5 chance of earning a prize.

The reasoning for the fries specifically? Pete said “fries are fun,” and transporting 100 large drinks would prove probably a little unwieldy.

Pete proceeded to film himself ordering the French fries -- and the McDonald’s employees reactions which ranged from shocked to annoyed. One of the window cashiers told Pete he has to call ahead at least 30 minutes for an order that large, which Pete opted to wait out in the parking lot, possibly making plans for all he was expecting to win.

Forty minutes later, Pete’s $340.68 worth of fries and drink (according to his receipt) were delivered to his car and he was on his way back home where he and his wife combed through all the Monopoly pieces.

Much to their disappointment, after the pair sifted through all their game stamps, they had only won a total of 23 prizes, and most of them were food prizes.


Pete concludes this makes the odds closer to 1 in 9. However, McDonald’s official Monopoly rules state that the 1 in 5 chance is based on game pieces and not stamps – each game piece is equal to two stamps – which brings the odds back down. It also notes that these odds are only for the food prizes. The more elaborate prizes, like SUVs, plane tickets and thousands of dollars in cash, have odds of 1 in 13 million or higher.

While the odds might not have been in Pete’s favor, at least he has a salty fry, or two, to help him get over this.