Man creates $400 White Castle burger only to find raw truffles aren't so good

White Castle’s mini burgers are beloved by fast food aficionados everywhere but Nick Chipman, the blogger behind Dude Foods, decided to take his plain slider to the next level.

“This idea started out innocently enough, as a conversation with my buddy Jeff about how I couldn’t find anything to buy with the $250 Williams Sonoma gift card I had,” the man behind the McEverything writes on his blog.

After deciding he didn’t want to spend his present on overpriced kitchen utensils, Chipman saw the store also sold the world’s most sought after food item: truffles. At just $200 per ounce, the little fungi were basically a steal. After discussing the various options with a friend, Chipman came up with his idea of the luxury food mashup by adding items used in the "fanciest restaurant dishes" to a White Castle burger.


So how does one turn a 70 cent mini burger into a $400 feast?

Chipman started by topping his burger with two types of cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve—one of his favorites-- which retails for $25 a pound, and Hook’s 15 Year Cheddar, which goes for a whopping $80 a pound. Then he added several slivers of raw white Italian truffles, slices of prosciutto, a slice of duck foie gras, smear of port wine pate, a healthy heaping of Russian caviar and a delicately fried quail egg.

And because no luxury food item should be without a little sparkle, the blogger topped it all with 24K gold flakes.

While the resulting creation is a thing beauty—you can almost smell the umami wafting from the photos—the taste was not so good. In fact, Chipman writes, it was “terrible.” Terrible?!

"It was definitely WAY too salty with WAY too may different flavors and consistencies going on at once," Chipman told "Each of the fancy items on there are obviously a lot better off as the highlight of whatever dish that they're a part of, so together they just didn't go well together at all."

When all was said and done, the blogger says he "wasted" an additional $150 dollars on the toppings, bringing the total cost of his ultra-luxe White Castle to $400. At least there's always the Big McRib to tide him over.