Kendall Jenner called out for not tipping at New York bar

Leaving a huge tip for restaurant servers is an easy way for rich and famous celebrities to generate some goodwill. Donnie Wahlberg has earned the fandom of Waffle House employees around the country for his habit of leaving extremely generous tips whenever he visits. Kendall Jenner, however, is getting the opposite reaction because a Brooklyn bar has called her out on Instagram for allegedly failing to tip her bartender.

According to the New York Daily News, Brooklyn bar Baby’s All Right posted a photo to Instagram on Friday. The photo showed a receipt for a $24 charge. The bill was signed, but the tip and total lines were empty.

“Don’t forget to tip your bartender :),” the bar captioned the photo.

It’s possible that Jenner left a tip in cash, or that someone else left a tip for her. But the bar was clearly implying that Jenner had not tipped her bartender.

Jenner’s rumored boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, performed at Baby’s All Right on Thursday night.

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Baby’s All Right later deleted the damning Instagram photo, but the news was already out. Opinions are divided between calling Jenner cheap for not tipping and calling the bar unprofessional for posting her receipt on social media.

This is not the first time Jenner has run afoul of foodservice employees. She was previously accused of leaving a restaurant without paying, and then throwing money in the server's face.