José Andrés' new DC restaurant may have guinea pig on the menu

They’re furry, cuddly and delicious --to some.

Guinea pigs are thought of as a grade-school class pet U.S., but in Peru these little rodents -- known as “cuy”--are a popular delicacy.

Spanish restaurateur José Andrés is hoping to feature these critters on the menu at his new eatery, China Chilcano, scheduled in open in Washington, D.C. this fall, Eater reports.

Speaking to reporters at America Eats Tavern on Friday, the celebrated chef said the popular South American dish would help round out menu at the Peruvian-Chinese restaurant.

"We've done harder things before," Andrés said to the panel. He admitted that he had spoken with a couple who raises guinea pigs.

It's legal to consume the gamey rodent in the U.S., and the dish is popping up on more restaurant menus across the country, fueled by a dventurous eaters and South American expats looking for a taste of home.

NPR's The Salt reported that guinea pig is a sustainable protein alternative since they have a low environmental impact and mature faster than other animals.

If Andrés is cooking it up, there's a good chance that it will be good.  But thinking of our beloved first grade class pet Squeaky, the idea is a little hard to take.

Would you give it try?  Let us know.