Italian chef makes hilarious attempt to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce

It’s definitely a tough one.  People have been known to hack the pronunciation of Worcestershire Sauce.

But the attempts made by one Italian-American chef to pronounce the smoky sauce, named after the English town of Worcester, has made him a viral sensation.

Pasquale Sciarappa, 75, of New Jersey, started uploading OrsaraRecipes videos to YouTube in 2008 to share his cultural heritage with the world.

In his latest online demonstration, which has been viewed over one million times, he endears viewers with his attempts while his tongue keeps getting twisted on the name of the condiment.  It comes out as "won-cha-STEER sa-OOH-chay.”

There are several outtakes where the cameraman can heard trying to get him to say the name correctly.  And at one point, Sciarappa figures it might be easier to pronounce it in his native tongue.

Have a look at the final piece—which has a charm all of its own.