Ice cube for a better burger? Graham Elliot's bizarre grilling trick

Ice cubes aren't just for chilling sweet tea at summer barbecues. According to "MasterChef" judge Graham Elliot, they can be a great grill accessory.

The chef says the secret to a great burger is putting an ice cube in the middle of the patty before you grill it.

"Make your patties, then put your little ice cube in there and then when you grill it, it keeps it moist and keeps it from getting dried out," Elliot told

Recipe for Graham Elliot's GrahamBurger

Elliot also said to be mindful of your meat mixture.

"People always end up doing the same mixture for a burger as they do with meatloaf or a meatball, they put all the pepper and onion in it. You don't want to do that," Elliot said. "You want it to be just straight meat."

Recipe for Graham Elliot's Summer Peach Cake

Watch the video above for more on Graham's recipes, plus his take on new "MasterChef" judge Christina Tosi and the secret to his impressive weight loss.