How to score free food at Boston Market (and others) on Tax Day 2015

Is your wallet feeling lighter after paying taxes? Eat on the cheap at Boston Market on Wednesday April 15, where the restaurant is offering a buy one meal, get one free special.

The fast-casual restaurant, famous for its rotisserie chicken, is also debuting a new dish: slow braised pulled pork.

"We're always focusing on what Americans like to eat at home," said Boston Market CEO George Michel. "[The] slow braised pulled pork that we're featuring for the next eight weeks at Boston Market and we feel very good that it complements our rotisserie chicken."

Tax Day freebies don't end at Boston Market: You can get a free sugar cookie at Great American Cookies, no purchase necessary.

Sonic is offering half-price cheeseburgers, while Sonny's BBQ is offering half-priced rib dinners.

On the fast food side, McDonald's is offering customers who buy one Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese the option of getting one more for a penny.

Pizza Hut has a gimmick where customers file a “P-2″ form and customers get a gift card in the amount of your "net pizza return."

California Tortilla is handing out free chips and queso or salsa to anyone who makes a purchase and says the secret password: “Taxes Shmaxes”.

If you're willing to work for free food, you can "Sing for your Supper" at Hard Rock Cafe to get a free burger.