Whenever I tell to a wine professional that I want to learn more about wine, the most repeated answer is always to just drink more.

And while I get that – and enjoy that -- there clearly is a time and place for a little more than me deciding if I like or hate the glass I poured after a long day at work.

So wine classes can be a great next step.  There are plenty of available these days – and thanks to the web you can find ones that fit your level, time commitment and location.

But make sure your instructor is approachable.  Last thing you want is to sit in a class and be made to feel even more inferior than you already are.

That’s why it was a pleasure to talk recently with Andrew F. Bell, co-founder of the American Sommelier.  Bell knew exactly what I was referring to when I mention that an instructor shouldn't intimidate.  Back in 1998 he joined with several other local sommelier leaders in New York City, to create a place where students can comfortably go and learn more about wine, viniculture and service.

So whether you want to become a sommelier and detail the soil, climate and geography of the major and minor grape-growing regions of the world or just take classes as a novice to move your wine knowledge forward -- American Sommelier, or any other wine school may be a great next step.

So sure, you should always drink more to…uh… learn, but a little classroom instruction never hurt anyone.

Cent’ Anni.