How following a recipe can cure a marriage

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After 17 years of marriage, Laine Lawson and her husband Steve Craft were ready to get divorced.

But instead of giving up, Craft, a Mississippi businessman, and Lawson, the founder WHOAwomen--a faith-based women's magazine --decided to put their faith in God and came up with a no-fail recipe to save their marriage.

As any good chef knows, making a great dish means having the right tools and following a recipe, and in relationships it's no different.

They developed a strategy that included using new utensils to get a relationship cooking, step-by-step directions to turn thing around and real-life recipes to help heal hurting hearts.

They put it all down in a new book called Start Again From Scratch -- part cookbook, part relationship advice guide. The book includes a special foreword written by "Duck Dynasty's" Miss Kay and Phil Robertson and Alan and Lisa Robertson.

Now, the parents of three have been together for 27 years.  They talked to about their menu for restoring a relationship and what inspired them to write this book.

Laine Lawson: Really what inspired us, about 12 years ago, Steve and I had been in a long term marriage. Seventeen years into that marriage, I was walking out the door. I looked at Steve and we said, 'God if you're really real you got to save us this marriage.' One out of two marriages fail today. It's scary, it's just a fact. We looked at each other and in that pivotal moment, we thought, why not start over again together? And that's where the start again from scratch title came from. Why did you decide to compare the steps to save a marriage to following a recipe?

Lawson: You know how you call your mom and get the recipe of something you love? The beauty of this story...was it successful to write down this recipe so that others too can find success. Can you explain how the cooking metaphor works in the book?

Lawson: The first chapter is called 'burnt to a crisp.' And the real recipe that went with it was burnt butter frosting. You truly burn the butter to make the wonderful frosting. The secret sauce is God. I love to talk and I love to cook. They call the Paula Deen of ministry. I love to have people over and so we were just sitting there with my editor, and said, 'You know what? This is like a recipe.' What me and Steve went through is like a recipe.

Steve Craft: The cookbook offers step by step instructions (so you) can't get lost along the way. Alan and Lisa Robertson and Phil and Miss Kay Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" wrote forwards to the book. Tell us how you know them.

Lawson:  I got to know Lisa Robertson really well because she shared her story in my magazine (WHOAwomen) about her marriage about her past and it really, it just really resonated with me. I knew that Miss Kay and Phil had a powerful restoration in their marriage too.

Craft: They'd been cooking the wrong recipes. Can people who aren't married enjoy this book?

Lawson: We're still challenged and we work hard every day. We're not saying that everything's perfect, we're saying that God can help you apply these ingredients to anything. (It teaches) the steps to have better relationships period. What do you hope people take away from this book?

Lawson: Ask yourself, 'Is there any way you can just start again?'  It's a miracle because it takes more than a natural power to be able to forgive. Seventeen years of a troubled marriage that we had, to forgive each other it took God's power for us. You can have your miracle and live it too. It took us a power beyond.