Here's what Ben & Jerry's ice cream Brrr-ito tastes like

Here's a new spin on an old idea: A chewier version of a waffle cone that acts as a wrap

Ben & Jerry’s recently introduced the Brrr-ito on April 20 as a new way to hold its wacky yet undeniably delicious flavors.

Customers can choose two scoops of their favorite ice cream, top it with cookie crumbles, and drizzle it chocolate or caramel sauce. One end is tightly closed creating a seal (you’ll stay dry for a few minute but once the ice cream starts melting all bets are off) and the whole confection is wrapped up and served in tissue paper to catch any drippings.

The crepe-like wrap that is based on the signature Ben & Jerry’s waffle cone, said Alison Gilbert, senior global brand manager of Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops.

“Ben & Jerry’s flavor gurus are always searching for new, fun and quirky ways to make eating ice cream extraordinary,” she said. “It has all of the ridgey goodness of their more crispy cousins, but is slightly less sweet.”

So is the Ben & Jerry’s waffle wrap really that different from a traditional cone?

The texture is much chewier, like a thin pancake with ridges, and the actual batter itself has hints of cinnamon. It's light and fluffy and we actually wouldn't mind trying it on its own.

You can get the Brrr-ito with any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor you like. We tried ours with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream and were not disappointed. An absolutely must for chocolate lovers would be Phish Food.

But when it comes to portability, we’re not sure if we’d make it out of the scoop shop with a clean shirt. Ben & Jerry’s even admits this can be a bit messy—but that’s part of the fun of summer treats, right?

The new Brrr-ito waffle wraps will be available at scoop shops across the country through the summer.